Five Minute Friday Post

What is Five Minute Friday?  It is a community of writers who, on Fridays, write for five minutes on the word of the week. This is meant to be a free write, which means: no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. 


This week’s word is BACK


Looking forward, anticipating, trying to discern the next thing is my default way of thinking.  I have often avoided the past, afraid of what it might bring up, what I may have to face.  And yet I recognize how valuable looking back can be. 


Kalle Kortelainen from Unsplash

This week I was speaking with a friend who asked about my journey, specifically how I have heard from God in the recent past.  As we talked and I recounted the ways I have been led through the myriad ways that God speaks to us, that is if we are listening, I realized just how rich the experiences have been.  I have heard the gentle prompting of God in ways that are specifically designed for me.  He knows my talents and temperament and He doesn’t lead in ways that go against those but rather instructs me is ways that bring value to who I am. 


Similar to the ways that God instructs the Israelites to proclaim to the next generation the works that they have seen, I need to keep rehearsing all that God has done in the past.  It is important that I look back and to see His provision, His leading, and to see how far I have come as a result. 


In feeling the absence of His voice today, it is in looking back that I can relax with the assurance that He has spoken in the past and will do so again in the future.  His silence during this time is not a sign of His disapproval or abandonment.  Rather it is an opportunity for faith to grow as I continue to move forward even without the voice of my Father, trusting that He is still present and leading. 


Do you find value in looking back?





You know it when you have experienced genuine hospitality.  It is not about the place or the food you were served, but rather about who you were with and how the experience made you feel.  The person extending hospitality makes me feel welcomed, understood, cared for, heard.  I feel like I can put my feet up and settle in, knowing that I am in a safe place. 

If this is the measure of hospitality, then the pressure is off.  I do not have to worry about how clean my house is, or what is on the menu, or if my kids are behaving well or not.  I just have to create a space to see my guest and to accept and welcome them into relationship.

This week, before the summer is over, I am going to invite someone to join me on the deck, where we can sip a cooling drink and where our conversation and connection can become holy ground.



The past weeks as a Canadian have been a roller coaster ride of national shame and guilt, winning and losing. It reminded us of our “us vs. them” mentality and how we might move toward understanding and acceptance of all regardless of what team they are on, or the beliefs they hold.