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Allow me to introduce myself…

I am on a journey of trying to listen to my life (in the words of Frederick Buechner).  Listening to hear and see God in all of the ordinariness of each day. 

Beauty’s megaphone is one way I know God’s presence and hear Him speak.  The beauty in the created world through each season, beauty in the unfinished, the broken and discarded, and beauty in the people that God created, including myself (that one is a bit tougher for me, you too?)

I write to bear witness to the places I see beauty and the One who created it all.

I like to think of myself as a prospector for beauty. Treasure hidden under many layers requires a dedicated searcher to bring it to the surface. I seek to unearth the sometimes-hidden beauty in the home, garden, found treasures, fibre art, and especially in the lives of others.  My passion is to reflect God to the world by creating and calling out this beauty.

Won’t you join me in this search for the sometimes-hidden ways that God is with us in every moment?  My hope is that we can erect sign-posts for one another to point the way to the One who is closer than the air we breathe, yet sometimes difficult to see. 

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